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Orbisphere gas analyzers have been used in the Canadian Nuclear Energy industry for over twenty years. These robust analyzers are designed for trace hydrogen and oxygen gas analysis. For processes such as waste-gas/off-gas monitoring where reliability and accuracy are paramount, Orbisphere’s analyzers are second to none.

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TOC Analysis

Anatel A-1000 & A-1000XP Total Organic Carbon Analyzers

Beckman CoulterBeckman Coulter

  • Ideal for monitoring ultrapure water systems
  • Comes equipped with serial, analog and digital interfacing capabilities
  • Detection limits from 0.05ppb to 1999ppb

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Trace Gas Analysis

Orbisphere 311XX Sensors

HACHHach Anatel

  • Available as a Thermal Conductivity (TC) sensor for CO2, N2 and H2 analysis, or as an Electrochemical (EC) sensor for O2 and O3 analysis
  • Offers fast, accurate measurements of samples in both the liquid and gaseous state
  • Able to withstand harsh environments due to its robust construction and design

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Orbisphere 410 Analyzer

HACHHach Anatel

  • Designed to seamlessly integrate with Orbisphere’s electrochemical sensors
  • Offers an intuitive new way to measure O2 and O3 quickly and accurately
  • Simple installation allows the analyzer to begin measuring your process within minutes

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Orbisphere 510 Analyzer

HACHHach Anatel

  • Offers multi-channel capability for Orbisphere’s electrochemical and thermal conductivity sensors
  • Designed for process monitoring in the liquid and gas phase across a wide range of applications

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Orbisphere Electrochemical O₂/O₃ Sensors (A1100/C1100)

HACHHach Anatel

  • Designed for process monitoring as well as laboratory analysis
  • Offers extremely accurate measurements which is necessary wherever oxygen or ozone measurement is critical

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