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Pegram Technologies Inc. offers a wide range of products for several different applications.
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Pharmaceuticals »

The demand for excellence necessitates excellent equipment. As regulations expand, you need the best tools to deliver on quality every step of the way from incoming raw materials and production to end-product QA and anti-counterfeiting measures.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage »

Quality and safety are top priorities- the public trusts in you, so you need to trust in your equipment. From package analysis to monitoring specific gases or ingredients, when you you do not have to focus on your equipment, you can pay attention to what really matters.

Research & Development

Research & Development »

Bringing the world into the future takes the best equipment because the biggest changes are happening on the smallest scales. Pegram Technologies is proud to provide Canada with leading edge research technology to usher in tomorrow.


Cosmetics »

Cosmetic Manufacturers are experiencing increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies when it comes to their manufacturing processes. Adhering to GMPs is crucial to a successful operation, and Pegram Technologies offers equipment necessary for compliance and the knowledge base to implement it seamlessly.


Industrial »

When you are monitoring your processes, you are in control. On-line or portable water and gases monitoring gives you the information you need to be efficient, productive and most importantly, safe.


Nuclear »

Orbisphere gas analyzers have been used in the Canadian Nuclear Energy industry for over twenty years. These robust analyzers are designed for trace hydrogen and oxygen gas analysis. For processes such as waste-gas/off-gas monitoring where reliability and accuracy are paramount, Orbisphere’s analyzers are second to none.


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